Leading Graphic Designers' Survey

  Questionnaire for Creative/Design/Art Directors
Questionnaire for Graphic Designers

Dear Visitor,

       I thank you for your interest in visiting this survey and humbly call for you to fill out this questionnaire, which is designed to study aspects of managing and leading graphic designers. This study is held for the purpose of obtaining a BA (Business and Management with ebusiness) degree at London Metropolitan University. The uniqueness of this study is that it combines two different areas, graphic design and management/leadership. The management/leadership area is covered by the BA program. While the graphic design area is covered by my knowledge and experience as being a graphic designer with a MA (Visual Communication and Interactive Media) degree from University of Derby, United Kingdom.

       The information you provide will help us better understand the unique and little researched relationship between graphic designers and their coaches. Because you are the one who can give us a correct picture of the situation, I ask you to respond to the questions freely and honestly.

      Your response will be kept strictly confidential, and any personal information you provide (optional) will remain anonymous. Only members of the research team will have access to the information you provide. In order to ensure the utmost privacy, we have provided an identification number for each participant. This number will be used by us only for follow-up procedures. The information you give, particularly, names, emails, and contact information; or the completed questionnaires will not be made available to anyone other than the research team. A summary of the results will be emailed to you after the data are analyzed, and only upon your permission or request. In addition, access to the research and its outcomes at whole will be available after the research is conducted.

      Please be informed that for the appropriateness of this research, two questionnaire forms are available: one for Creative/Design/Art directors and another for graphic designers. Feel free to complete both if you see fitting.

      Each questionnaire consists of 3 sections, a total of 39 questions and 10 optional. Yet, please note that all the questions are easy, simple, and very fast to answer. The whole questionnaire needs an average of 7 minuets to answer.

       The research project description and proposal are also available to have a move detailed overview of the study. To view this document, please click download.

      For further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at:

      Thank you very much for your precious time, cooperation, and support. I greatly appreciate your and your organization's help and valuable contribution in conducting this research.

Natalia Rifai